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The SPD Innovation Program

The purpose of the SPD Innovation Program is to encourage and support new approaches to ministry. We aim to provide the scaffolding you need to unlock the creativity within your team and inspire an appetite to minister in new ways.

Watch this video to get an understanding of our approach to innovation, the process of design thinking, and how we can support your team. Below you can find a number of different ways that you can begin your innovation journey.


We often think of creativity and innovative thinking as rare traits supernaturally bestowed upon certain fortunate individuals at birth. This is not true. Every person has the capacity for creative thinking. Interestingly, our capacity for creativity and problem solving increases when we work together. 

The SPD Innovation Program will provide regular training opportunities and resources to help you learn how to create environments that foster and nurture innovation. We will be facilitating webinars, online courses and podcasts to help your team develop new approaches to ministry. Register your interest below to receive monthly news and resources related to ministry innovation. If you would like us to conduct training with your team, please contact us. Head to our training and resources page to start your journey.


Design thinking is an effective human-centric innovation process. A fun and energetic way of initiating culture change toward innovation in your team is through design thinking workshops. They are collaborative, engaging, social and inclusive. Whether you’re a union or conference departmental, institutional manager or organisational officer, we are happy to facilitate design thinking workshops with your teams and conduct innovation training with your staff. Contact us to book in a free workshop facilitator.

Coaching & Mentoring

We understand that change takes time. If you are committed to new approaches to ministry, we are happy to support you in a coaching and mentoring capacity as you navigate culture change and other challenges. Mentoring is beneficial to both parties. We are committed to supporting you and to seeing you succeed as well as learning from your journey. Contact us to book in a free 45-minute session.


We know that innovation requires resources, and the SPD Innovation team are looking for initiatives to support with appropriate funding. Your project must include necessary components of the innovation process in order to qualify. You can apply for innovation funding right now. Register your interest here and we will send through further instructions on how to apply for SPD Innovation funding.

“The two training sessions that Maddy had with our team were eye opening and very applicable in our context as a mission.”

David Filo – General Secretary, Solomon Islands Mission

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